Pediatric Home Care

Pediatric Home Care in New York City, Westchester, & Surrounding Areas

At A&T Healthcare, we understand that your child’s health is most important. That’s why we offer pediatric home care for you and your children. If your child needs skilled home care, A&T Healthcare can offer you RN’s and LPN’s who are trained and supervised to provide care under the direction of your child’s physician.

Since 1984, A&T Healthcare has been providing specialized care from infants to adults. We work with most insurance companies, and can also make arrangements for out-of-network on an individual case basis. A&T Healthcare provides services that cover all ages, from pediatric home care to senior home care to assure that you’re getting the best care you and your family deserve.

When you need to know that someone who cares for your child has as much invested as you do, turn to an agency with over 30 years of experience.

Offering Pediatric Home Care & More

We recognize that having nurses or therapists involved in the care of your loved one can seem difficult, but with a home health agency that understands that you and they are partners in care, it can give you the peace of mind that you and your family deserve. You and your family deserve the best care, that’s why A&T Healthcare offers only the best pediatric home care.

Contact the branch most local to you, or the main office, to discuss the benefits of A&T Healthcare skilled care or home health aides, and have your questions answered by a Registered Nurse.

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A & T Healthcare offers services for newborns to the elderly. It is a welcome alternative to long hospital confinement or nursing homes. When an individual receives care from A & T in the home setting they are able to have privacy, independence and retain control over their lives while receiving high quality health care.
Being at home, in familiar surroundings, is often the most conducive place to recover. Home health care helps to relieve some of the concerns that can overwhelm a patient and family.