Summer Safety – Heat/Hydration/Sun Safety

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Muscle cramping might be the first sign of heat-related illness, and may lead to heat exhaustion or stroke. Symptoms — Heat Exhaustion — May Include: Heavy Sweating Weakness Fainting, Fatigue And Cramps Cold, Pale, And Clammy Skin, Feeling Thirsty Fast, Weak Pulse Nausea Or Vomiting What You Should Do: Move to a cooler location. Lie… Read more »

A & T Healthcare offers services for newborns to the elderly. It is a welcome alternative to long hospital confinement or nursing homes. When an individual receives care from A & T in the home setting they are able to have privacy, independence and retain control over their lives while receiving high quality health care.
Being at home, in familiar surroundings, is often the most conducive place to recover. Home health care helps to relieve some of the concerns that can overwhelm a patient and family.

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